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Malayan tiger

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Malayan tiger
Malayan tiger
(Panthera tigris jacksoni)

The Malayan tiger is classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Native to the southern and central parts of the Malay  Peninsula (which includes parts of Thailand and Malaysia); the  population is estimated at 500 in the wild. When in 1968 the Indochinese  tiger Panthera tigris corbetti was newly designated, the tigers of  Malaya and Singapore were included into this subspecies. In 2004,  Panthera tigris jacksoni was recognized as a new subspecies when a  genetic analysis found that they are distinct from Panthera tigris  corbetti. There is no clear difference between the Malayan and the  Indochinese tiger when specimens from the two regions are compared by  skull size or coat color & pattern. Malayan tigers appear to be  smaller than Indian ones, similar in size to Sumatran tigers. Body  weight ranges from 52 to 195 lb for females, 104 to 285 lb for males.

Malayan tigers prey on sambar deer, barking deer, wild boar, Bornean  bearded pigs and serow. Tigers in Taman Negara also prey on sun bear and  elephant calves. Occasionally, livestock is also taken; however, tiger  predation reduces the numbers of wild boar which can become a serious  pest in plantations and other croplands. Studies indicate that in areas  where large predators (tigers and leopards) are extinct, wild pigs are  over 10 times more numerous than in areas where tigers and leopards are  still present.

Malayan tigers currently occur at very low densities in the rainforest  as a result of low prey densities. Habitat fragmentation due to  development projects and agriculture are serious threats. Commercial  poaching occurs at varying levels in all tiger range states. In Malaysia  there is a substantial domestic market in recent years for tiger meat  and manufactured tiger bone medicines.

In 2012 we became home to Malayan tigers to begin a breeding program for this endangered subspecies of tiger.

Sex: Male
Born: November 16 2014
Arrived at EFBC: January 2016 from Alexandria Zoo
Fun Fact: Brother to Jango (littermate)
Favorite Enrichment: watermelons, bloodcicles, beef femurs, cardboard boxes, fresh cut trees, essential oils (rosemary, lavender, pine)
Wishlist item: Flipper Float
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