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Enrichment & Training

About Us
Animal Enrichment & Training
Our objective with enrichment is to stimulate the cats to express natural behaviors on a regular bases. Some of the natural behaviors we are looking to stimulate include scratching, rubbing, tearing, biting, wrestling, and playing. In order to keep the cats playful and active, toys and other stimulants are provided. We like to rotate enrichments daily, triggering the different senses. We use essential oils, fresh herbs, boxes, phonebooks, watermelons, pumpkins, fresh cut trees, beef femurs, and many more items in order to stimulate the cats senses.

One of most asked questions is what types of enrichments can our guests bring the cats? Provided below is a list of enrichments that are keeper approved!
EnrichmentStimulation responseWhere to buy!
Egg cartons
Rubbing, scratching
Donate your empty egg cartons!
Paper towel roll tubes
Scratching, tearing, batting around
Donate your leftover paper towel rolls!
Scratching, shredding
Donate your old phonebooks!
NewspaperBeddingDonate your old newspapers!
Produce Boxes
Napping, scratching, shredding
Free from Costco, Winco, Walmart, Albertsons
Lawn Leaf BagsHiding, stalking, scratching Amazon
Essential oil "Pine"
Rubbing, scratching, drooling
Essential oil "Lavender"
Rubbing, scratching, drooling
Essential oil "Nutmeg"
Rubbing, scratching, drooling
Essential oil "Rosemary"
Rubbing, scratching, drooling
Essential oil "Lemongrass"
Rubbing, scratching, drooling
Cat scratcher Scratching, rubbing
Milk crates
Hiding, napping
Large wheatgrass flatChewing, rubbing, scratchingSprouts Farmers Market, Whole Foods
Beef femurChewing Local butchary, Albertsons deli
Fresh beef heartFood enrichment
Local butchary, Albertsons deli
Fresh sirloin steak
Food enrichment
Local butchary, Albertsons deli
Large feeder goldfishChasing, stalking, huntingPetsmart, Petco
Drought tolerant treesClimbing, hiding, scratchingLocal plant nurserys, Home Depot, Lowes
Hiding, scratching
Local plant nurserys, Home Depot, Lowes
Please send all donations to
EFBC's Feline Conservation Center
3718 60th St. West
Rosamond, CA 93560
Our objective is to provide the cats with additional stimulation, as well as to decrease potential stress that may accompany crating for transport, daily heath checks, and medical procedures. Keepers use positive reenforcment training to teach our cats, meaning they get a lot of treats!
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